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Displayed Stained Glass Mosaic Mandalas

The above images show a series of stained glass mosaic mandalas being displayed. All stained glass products look much better with light shining through them. Wiothout light to illuminate them thay can appear dull and lifeless.
These Mandalas can  be hung up in a window in the same way as 'suncatchers' are, by using a  chain attached to the back of the work. Alternatively they can be displayed on clear acrylic plate stands as shown in the pictures above. This is particularly effective in rooms which have a constant source of daylight coming through them, or where you want to keep the work out of harms  way.

Stained Glass Mosaic
FStained Glass Flower
Celtic mandala
Celtic Glass Mosaic
Loutus Flower Glass Mandala
Displayed Stained Glass Mosaics
Stained Glass Top 100
The Amazing Mandala Inspired
Puzzle Game:
Instructions here,  on how to make a stained glass mosaic.

The materials used to create these glass mosaics can all be got here:
Celtic Knot Mosaic Design
Lotus Flower Glass Mosaic Design
Flower Petal Stained Glass Mosaic
Celtic Knot Glass Mosaic
yin yang glass tile mosaic
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