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Original Stained Glass Mosaics: This is a gallery of some recently completed stained glass mosaic works. The sizes of the work are either 10' or 12'.   Through experimenting with color i have found some of the most effective pieces utilize only the fewest colors. I find that three separate colors is usually the optimum for any piece, more than this can leave the Mandala looking too confused and distracting. In fact one of my own personal favorites is the all blue Mandala made of randomly broken pieces of blue recycled glass, this was less complicated and also quicker to make than the more complex pieces. Each Mandala comes with a sturdy silver coloured chain attached, so they can be easily hung onto a hook in front of a window or light source.

My aim in creating a piece of work is to create a sense of meditation and  harmony within the art, without overwhelming the observer. I hope they can convey a sense of peace and balance and re-energise their surroundings. Mandalas have a history of meditational uses in many religions and where they asct as a focus for concentration and contemplation.
Orange Mosaic Tiles
Lotus Glass Mosaic
Stained glass Mandala
Orange stained  Glass Mosaic
Celtic mosaic
Recycled Glass Mosaic
Celtic Knot
Yin Yang Mosaic
Grin Reaper Grafitti
Banksy Art Rat
7.5" Banksy 'Grin Reaper'
Grafitti Figurine

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7.5" Banksy
Grafitti Rat Figurine

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Stained Glass Top 100
Art Glass Mosaic Gallery: A Selection of Hand made Round Glass Mandalas
Liverpool Plaque with Display Stand
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Here you can see a gallery of my glass art mandalas. Scroll below these to find  original 'City of Liverpool' plaques and original Banksy Grafitti Figurines. All unique to the Lightmandalas website.
 Original Design Liverpool Liverbird Plaque.

(Note: This is an original Liverbird design and breaks no copyright, it is not the same design as the Liverbird trademarked by LFC)
yin yang glass tile mosaic
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