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Liverpool Liverbird plaque - showing original artwork with a NEW Liverbird design (LFC)  commemorative souvenir gift.  Cast from hardwearing plaster and individually hand painted, each plaque comes on a large, deluxe clear acrylic display staned.

A striking Large 12" Commemorative Plaque showing the world famous Liverbird on a bright red background.
This plaque commemorates everything Liverpool, The football team AND the City.
The Liverbird as a symbol of the city,  has been used in one format or other  by many organisations from Liverpool City Council to The Liverpool Echo to Liverpool Football Club. This Liverbird however is a newly designed and cast in tough stone effect plaster beautifully displayed on a large clear acrylic plate stand.
This is original artwork, no copyright or trademarks have been breached
 Liverpool  Clock
Liverpool Clock and Liverpool Plaques

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See a video of the Liverpool plaque to see it in more detail:
 Liverpool Liverbird Plaque
Unique hand made hand painted Liverpool Art Clocks. Ideal for any LFC fan. 

Made from rigid sheet metal, polished and sanded to create a vibrant shiny texture and covered in a transparent coloured layer. These 20 x 10"
Liverpool Clock s
are particularly striking when close to a light source such as a window or spotlight, reflecting and glinting silver and vivid red.

incl p+p UK Price. Overseas buyers please contact
for price including shipping.
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