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Mandalas are an ancient art form appearing in many different countries and cultures around the world. There is no hard and fast definition of exactly what a Mandala is. In fact they emerge organically from the need for humans to express themselves in
colour, shape and line. Balance is central to the idea of a Mandala and symmetry is one of the key connectors, identifying what is and what is not a Mandala. They have strong associations with Buddhism and Hinduism and have been used by monks throughout history in forms of ritual and meditation..

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Buddhist Mandala
The Ancient Origins Of Mandala
Fractiles is a fascinating and educational game, based upon the use of symmetrical magnetic tile. Which can be arranged in an alomost endless number of patterns. An ideal fun but educational gift for children.
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Above are some example of genuine handpainted Indian Mandala paintings all available for worldwide shipping. Click an image for more details:
A blog that asks the question What is a Mandala?

yin yang glass tile mosaic
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