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Historians believe that cultures as far back as the ancient Egyptians had begun to experiment with the technology of creating and colouring glass. Now they certainly weren't making huge windows, but they were starting to experiment with small scale glass production, creating jewels and beads for ornamentation and for religious purposes. Certainly it would only have been the richest and most powerful for who would have access to the glass creators skills. After all the creation of such a material as glass would probably have been seen as a magical, alchemical process. The Kings and Queens who would won the glass jeweled ornamentations would no doubt have used their possession to reinforce their image as the all powerful ones.

Stained Glass
Church Window
Liverpool Cathedral Window
Here we can see two distinct forms of stained glass window, found within the same Cathedral. Both these images were taken in Liverpool Cathedral.

The one on the left  shows a fairly modern style of semi abstract geometric imagery. Whilst the one on the right shows a much more traditional form of stained glass, more clearly figurative and incorporating some painting on the glass where details such as faces are required.
 Stained Glass: Craft and Home Decor

 Church Stained Glass

Stained Glass has  a long and varied history. When we first hear the term, most people immediately think of spectacular Church or Rose Cathedral windows. Well the origins of colored glass go back a lot longer than the medieval churches of Europe where those distinctive windows were created.
Art and Craft

Nowadays Stained Glass has transformed from something accessible only too the elite, to a very popular hobby which can be accessed by everyone. True it is certainly not the cheapest craft to take up, but it can be very rewardin g and even profitable if you are good enough!

Glass Art Gifts
For Your Home

Luckily we don't all have to learn the art of stained glass just to get some into out homes! As well as paying to have a full window designed in stained glass, we can find much more practical and economic solutions to bring  the beauty of colored glass into our homes. Be it through glass dream catchers, stained glass ornaments, stained glass mosaics, garden stained glass or glass nightlights, there will surely be something to bring the essence of stained glass to your home. Try Delphi for a great range of ready made stained glass items for your home. US based but shipping worldwide.

Stained Glass Top 100
Stained Glass Gifts - Flower
You can make stained glass
Thousands of people around the world explore the enjoyable hobby of stained glass, whilst others enjoy stained glass decoration in their homes. As well as traditinal stained glass you could try your hand at stained glass mosaic, whereby you can get the colors, reflections and luminosity of stained glass without the complexity of the technique. One highly recommended US supplier is Delphi Glass. They probably have the biggest range of stained glass craft resources online. Worldwide shipping.

yin yang glass tile mosaic
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