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The term Art Glass refers to any and all  decorative art objects  which are primarily  made from glass. There are a vast arrange of techniques and processes to manipulate and shape the medium of glass. Techniques include:

Stained Glass
Glass Blowing
Glass Mosaic
Glass Etching.

The list can go on and on.
There is something very appealing about the transparent reflective , iridescent nature of glass which lends itself  to making attractive decorative objects. Perhaps it is the perceived delicacy of glass which adds to its appeal. Certainly the qualities of colored glass can be highly aesthetically appealing.
Swarovski Crystal Glass

In recent decade, there has been a fashion for collectable figurines in a number of mediums. Art Glass figurines have become particularly collectable and companies such as Swarovski have accumulated a massive a range of characters and animal figurines all made from fine cut glass. Swarovski's figurines are now highly collectable worldwide,  a stylized little mouse was  the very first figurine they created. A smaller version of the mouse,which is  now called the
"replica mouse" is still available to buy. There are many types of art glass figurines, from ladybugs to limited edition disney collectables.

Below are some examples of their more recent lines.
Stained Glass Handmade Gifts - Frog
Swarovski Crystal Glass Swan
Swarovski Crystal Glass Bears
Swarovski Crystal Glass Bear
Swarovski Crystal Glass Kangaroo
 Art Glass
Collectable Art Glass

yin yang glass tile mosaic
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