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Came Bender:
Create Perfect
Curves in
Zinc Came

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Came Bender

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Came Bending Tool: Curve your Came!

A came bender is a clever little tool which allows you to create perfectly smooth curves in a piece of zinc came. By slowly winding  your original piece of straight Zinc came backwards and forwards through the Came Bending Jig's rollers, a curve gradually develops and as you periodically adjust the rollers, so the curve gets more pronounced. With a little patience you can actually make a perfect circle of zinc came, which as you can see i have done with these glass on glass mosaics.
Easily Bend Came

You just turn the handle and this Came Bender forms precise curves in zinc, copper or brass channel (came). Meaning greater freedom in design for stained glass artists whenever a rigid yet fluid shape of came is required. It can ends both "U" shaped and "H" shaped came channels.

Examples of perfect Zinc came circles created with the above came bending device. Each one only took about 10 minutes to make (10" diameter).
The came bending jig will also work with brass came, however you can't use it with lead came because its too soft.
Came Bender Jig $89.95 at Delphi Glass (US) Worldwide Shipping
came bender
Lead Came, Zinc Came and  Brass  Came
Stained Glass Came

U shaped and H shaped came available. Worldwide Shipping from the US

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