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Glass Grinder: Remove Sharp Edged On Your Glass

Easily Grind Glass Edges

Glass Grinders are the perfect solution if you wish to quickly and safely remove the sharp edges from any sort of glass, whether stained glass or clear. These machines work very quickly and can remove dangerous edges in seconds, making your glass safe to handle. One thing you must do when using a glass grinder however is to utilise the protective guard to stop chips flying up and also put on a pait of protective goggles to protect your eyes.

For a great range of hobby and professional glass grinders Check out Delphi's Range of:
Glass grinders come in a variety of prices ranges, however even a basic machine will certainly speed up your work time if you have been using a manual glass grinding device!
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Great for Beginners!
The Wizling CG made by Inland is safe, economical and simple to use,  perfect for the glass hobbyist.  $89.95
The First 2 In 1 Grinder. Ideal for serious hobbyists and professionals. Has one diamond bit for flat edges and a router bit for curves. $229.95
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