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Glass Mosaic In Your Home

If you are looking for an original and effective way to embellish your home, then why not consider incorporating stained glass tiles into one of your rooms? Nowadays there is a massive variety of glass mosaic wall tiles to choose from:

Whilst many people stick to the traditional ceramic tiles, more adventurous people now choose from the wide range of eye catching glass tiles. The beauty of glass tiles is their eye catching and light reflecting qualities, because they are transparent, light reacts with them and reflects off them in a very different way to standard tiles.

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In recent times there has been a growth in glass mosaics as a hobby, with many online art sites now selling pre-cut stained glass mosaics in a wide range of styles and colours. You can get precut tiles, randome shapes, or even cut your own:

With the help of very strong clear glues, amateurs can easily get successful results adhering small glass tiles to a range of glass objects such as vases. Premixed grout is applied to finish these items, once the glue is dry. For more details about  making your own stained glass mosaic check the links to the right.
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The same can be done in a kitchen where you may have a tired ceramic tile backsplash. Carefully chosen glass tiles can really bring a kitchen to life and the great thing is once fitted they are as hard wearing and easy to clean as opaque ceramic tiles. They never discolour resist water and are simple to clean.

Whilst you do not need to replace all your old tiles, it has to be said that a wall totally covered in glass mosaic tiles can look particularly stunning and stylish. Many glass tiles now are produced from recycled glass too, so depending on where you buy them from you are using an environmentally friendly recycled product    UK Suppliers       US Suppliers
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