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In recent years glass tiles and decorative glass mosaics have become a very popular and fashionable medium for decorating bathrooms and kitchens. They have become a trendy alternative to the traditional choice of home decor of traditional tiling, wallpaper and paint effects. Because of their transparency and reflective qualities, they can make very effective backdrops for Showers and Kitchen splashbacks.

Glass Tile Used in  Interior Decoration

Glass Tiles

Glass Tiles For Home Decor

There is now a massive range of colours and styles of stained glass tiles, ranging from economical standard mass produced glass tiles to 'one of a kind', custom designed tiles. Glass tiles are slightly harder to install than ceramic tiles due to their fragility, however once installed they are very hard wearing and easy to maintain.
The smaller glass mosaic tiles which have become so popular for showers and bathrooms are actually quite easy to install, coming readily attached to a string like web which holds them all the exact distance apart. They are affixed as a whole or in large section using standard tile adhesive and once this has dried the grouting is applied.

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