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What we call a Mosaic Tile  today is very different to the mosaic tiles of the past. In the beginnings of mosaic art, tiles were very inconsistent in size and shape and even color. They were basically hand cut pieces of clay pottery, cut stone or even just found pebbles. Although many great works of mosaic art were created in the past, for our modern requirements, we obviously need a much different form of tile. Below are the recommended home suppliers for the US and UK, both have a massive range of colors (colours) and styles to choose from and provide free delivery on larger oorders:

Here you can see example of modern mosaic tiles, used in a bathroom setting. In both examples a strip of the tiles are incorporated into a background of understated white
or cream full size tiles. The colored mosaic tiles are an effective embellishment to the other tiles and create more visual interest and color and help to define the edges of a tiled area quite well.
Red Mosaic Tiles
Bathroom Tiles
Glass Bathroom Tiles
Mosaic Tiles In The Home has the best tile online!
Luckily for us, modern technology has got to a point were we can mass produce mosaic tiles very consistently. The size shape and color differ very little in comparison to the the tiles the average Roman craftsman would have to work with!
As well as standard ceramic and stone based mosaic, you can now get a great range of glass mosaic too which can look really stunning because of their reflective qualities.

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