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When  first hearing  the term 'Stain glass' many immediately think of great Church or Cathedral windows. In fact the origins of colored glass go back a lot further than even the medieval churches of Europe where the iconic Rose windows were first created.

Historians understand that cultures as far back as ancient Egyptians had already begun to work with the technology of producing and coloring glass. Now these  people were definitely not producing huge windows, what they were doing was  starting to experiment with tiny scale glass production, making  beads and jewelry  with glass ornamentation mainly for religious and ceremonial purposes.

It is certain that it would  have been the most powerful and  rich who would be able to own and have made for them such specialist materials glass. The creation of  material such  as glass was really seen more as a form of   alchemical process rather than as a  the manufacturing process we see it as today. The Royalty who would be able to own such  the glass jeweled creations would no doubt have used these amulets to reinforce their image as very powerful and possibly God like  individuals.
Stained Glass Handmade Gifts - Frog
'Stain Glass' is this the correct spelling? I shall let you decide. It is surprising how many refer to it as 'stain glass' though!
I was thinking about this and why it should be and i think it may be that often people think that stain glass has actually had some sort of  stain added or painted on to it. Well for proper stain glass this is certainly not the case. It's coloring comes from the molten manufacturing process.

Whilst it is still in its liquid molten state, different metal elements and chemicals are added to it. Depending on exactly which chemicals are added , once the glass has cooled it possesses a different colored hue. The process is highly specialized, historically the process to create this type of material was shrouded in secrecy by the craftsmen who developed it.

'Stain Glass', Should actually be Stained Glass!
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Stained Glass Handmade Gifts - Frog
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